Treasure Hunts – Educational Adventure

Problem Solving | Strategic Planning | Unlocking Creativity | Information Processing | Stress Management | Memory Expansion

Hunting for Treasure
Museum hunt with Italian Commedia characters

Since the days of Long John Silver, Treasure Hunts have fascinated people. Using this entertaining format, Incentives To Intrigue will create an unforgettable adventure for participants which will serve a multitude of purposes. Incorporated into the hunt are the objectives, goals and needs of each client.

The hunt can be held at any interesting location from San Francisco’s Chinatown, to a museum in Italy or with pirates in Tahiti. Each hunt will allow participants to explore a venue or historic milieu while learning and increasing their skills.

Interactive characters are used during the Hunt to further develop the objective of the Hunt and increase camaraderie between participants. To support this unique activity, a variety of hand-outs are developed to guide the participants in their quest for the Treasure.



Hunting for treasure
GPS hunt in a redwood forest
Hunt on city streets and inside stores
Hunt on city streets and inside stores