Road Rallies – Rally Together for Productivity & Fun

Commitment | Communication | Performance Appraisal | Adaptive Learning | Delegation | Maintain Focus

Classic car road rallyThe checkered flag is down and the competition has started. The pit boss directs participants to gather clues, consult maps and prepare to win. Each rally is specifically designed around clients’ objectives and messages while providing an atmosphere of excitement and fun.

Each rally route is researched and the most appropriate mode of transportation is selected – from cars, limos, motorized cable cars, vans, bikes or feet. “Racing officials” will be stationed enroute to facilitate the rally and cheer each team on to the winner’s circle. To reach the winner’s circle teams must solve problems, interact with other team members and adapt to change.

For a twist on a road rally, consider a regatta. First a morning of sailing instructions followed by an organized race for teams to experience the thrill of their own “America’s Cup.” Presented as entertainment, the client’s objectives are met with lasting results.

Bikers resting in the woods
Bike rally
People registering for the rally