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Team Building Painting Car
Teambuilding Car Painting

From simple to elaborate, games produce results and leave participants talking about their experiences and asking for more interactive events. Let Incentives To Intrigue incorporate thought-provoking games into your company or group’s event, meeting or team building session.

We design and produce games which contain educational, intellectual and psychological elements with an entertaining strategy. Whether the group is small or large, we create the environment for learning through fun. Our trained facilitators will work with individuals and teams to enhance results.


Pony ride
Queen and King of Hearts

We also provide unique improvisational entertainment such as The Legal Briefs, which features energetic, professional improvisational comedians. Take the law into your own hands and have your day in court as The Legal Briefs team dispenses justice and entertainment.


Another option is Tutti Fruiti Commedia, in which two or more characters and musicians will be dressed in costume from the Italian Renaissance. They will interact with you by using various Lazzi that include hilarious situation comedy and slapstick.

An example of an ITI interactive game is Barbary Coast Evening. Step back in time for three hours … it’s 1860 and the famous Silver lodes have just been discovered. Join millionaires and scoundrels for an evening of bawdy ‘Barbary Coast’ style of fun, food and frivolity. Invest or risk your silver fortune in stocks, bonds, land, or Napa’s new wine industry. Make or lose your fortune with the ‘well to do’ and the ‘ne’er do wells’ of bankers, gamblers, company girls, and school teachers. This game is appropriate for many different locations.



Boy CLimbs Rock
Rock wall climbing
Face Paintied women having tea
Face Painting